Pat’s editing to be found in book Lessons From the Damned still available decades later and RELEVANT

3 March 2015

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Patricia Murphy-Robinson

12 February 2015

I first met Patricia when I lived in New York, back in 1989 and, like many of the people whose lives crossed Patricia’s, I sought her help. I was introduced to her by a mutual friend who could see that I wasn’t in a good place. I kept up my friendship and communication with Patricia right up until her death on April 13 2013, mostly by email but also on the phone.

I’ve kept nearly all those emails between us that stretch back to the beginning of the 90s, starting in New York then Johannesburg and finally, London, where I am now. It was the emails that triggered the idea of some kind of dedication to Pat, though how to make use of them had yet to be decided.

Then another friend of Pat’s, Lupe, also in New York, got in touch with me and I suggested the idea of a Website dedicated to her life and work, initially titled Patricia Murphy-Robinson, an Email Autobiography.