Pat! A Black Revolutionary Molecule video selected for Harlem International Film Festival

Saturday, 23 April 2022

Pat! A Revolutionary Black Molecule video (30mins) by Lupe Family, on Pat Murphy Robinson has been selected for the Harlem International Film Festival!!!!!!

**PLEASE NOTE The Harlem International Film Festival is still updating their website, so check daily for more information**

The on-line streaming/viewing date has been extended, Starting Sunday May 8th for 1 week & the video will be available to rent and stream for $2 (similar to I-tunes)

For info or questions go to:

See Pat! A Revolutionary Molecule trailer

Check email to Join Pat Is Back for a short Talk Back dialogue/celebration on Monday May 9th @ 8pm for 30 mins.

We are happy to offer you a week of streaming PAT IN VIDEO & we would like to share the link to purchase

Lupe’s novel To Face It, where PAT lives forever in the vibrant character of Pam the Radical!

To Face It by Lupe Family


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