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By on April 7, 2000
A thoughtful balanced view of oppression by those who live it, Lessons from the Damned is a must read for all those interested in Black liberation movements. The book relates the different experiences of youth, women, and working poor in relating to their alienation from school and work place. Starting from how they became conscious of their situation to strategies such as setting up freedom schools the book will impress the reader with its jargon free breezy style. Long out of print (a shame in itself) Times Change Press has brought it back- It will be a classic for historians in Black culture and activists.

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By K. Atterberry on May 24, 2014

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I was out to dinner with my daughter, her family and some friends. The topic came up about the struggles in the black community and I remained quiet practicing my listening skills, my daughter stated, ” Mom you guys wrote about that”. I acknowledge it and gave the name of the book and explained that we made a decision to remain anonymous as authors. I did not think it would be available, but came the cell phones to look it up and there it was on Amazon. I am Thankful for a chance to get a copy for our mentor, Patricia Murphy Robinson who encouraged us to write, to the editors, to the publishers who kept our conditions and to the seller who kept it in stock. I recommend the book. it is “live” forty plus years and relevant today.

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