Pat is Back

3 April 2021 — Pat Murphy-Robinson

Teach-in, May 13 2021 @ 8PM EST

To sign up – email and in the subject line put: Web Salon + your name. Includes Tantra Zawadi for a performance based on Pat in Lupe Family’s historical novel


DONATE: CA$H app for donations to the archives: $patarchives86

Send PayPal to patTheVideo

Welcome to Zawadi’s house!


One thought on “Pat is Back

  1. Yvone Maitin says:

    Here is a comment that was shared with me about the 5/13/21 Teach-In from a young and new attendee:
    “…Because I don’t have the book To Face It and hadn’t heard of Pat, I had no expectations around what the meeting was going to truly focus on, but what it did for me was validate the internal confusion yet knowing, I’ve felt all of my life. I got off the phone, looked in the mirror and cried saying I feel… I feel heard. I needed someone who spoke my language. Who saw me. I finally feel heard. Validated even for being a Real person….”
    I enjoyed the discussion connecting capitalism and the family. I enjoyed the gloves and appreciated the two white bodied “sisters”, Jennifer and Emma Grace, who supported Lupe Family and the community of color with their technological skills and kept the meeting running smoothly. I look forward to the next one.


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