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SPEAK OUT at TEACH IN FOR PAT is Back! February WINTER 2021

February (winter TEACH IN on 2/11/21)

Check LINK For READING that YOU are going to be inspired by.

HERE IS LINK Dr. Robyn found for FREE READ of the book Pat, helped edit . At TEACH IN

2 of the original 1970s group who worked on Lessons From the Damned, Class Struggle in the Black Community, by the Damned, spoke deeply about their memories. Names Robin Robinson & Maureen Aterberry.

” Lessons From the Damned, Class Struggle in the Black Community, . ” by the Damned. Times Change Press.


More Videos , etc on the Instagram for @PatArchives by Pat’s Biographer, Dr. Robyn C. Spencer!



https://www.parconhub.com https://vimeo.com/498222708

Malcolm X , A Man and HIS TImes has Pat’s powerful writing in the Anthology ed. by John Henrik Clarke.


What a great vision of ORGANIZING and support for a new way, as an alternative to CRAPITALISM as so many shared at this WINTER teach in.

WHO CHOSE TO ORGANIZE themselves to be in the “room” together, uniting???? People from the AntiRacist Alliance/ PISAB, Breathe Again parconers, Quakers, goddess worshippers, those from Liberated Life, Courage of Care practitioners, Ritual attendees for Celebration of the Seasons, with Esperanza Martel (facebook), Radical Therapy co founder and learners, philosophers from Ethical Culture, atheists/Marxists, those from Groups of Shambala Meditation Center who visit Manhattan to REVEAL whose land Central Park really is on, during the unCOLONIZER/ colombus day , Artists and BODY/yoga folk and members ( que se habla espanol ) of the BOOK SALON that deals with To Face It, Lupe Family’s political novel.

All came! (from Maine &Vermont to Florida, Georgia and the southwest/ New Mexico & Washington state) WE CAN UNITE ACROSS LINES! !!!! Build through difference~ Bond with our bodies to imagine/ AND CREATE IN REAL TIME, A SHARED ECONOMY . See theFrontlines link below. We don’t want a THIEVING RICH OWNER CLASS!! One way to build for a PEACE ECONOMY , SHARE AND CARE? Call congress now or before Apr. 2021 .

CONGRESS Say you want SENATOR, give your zip code. 202 224 3121. OPEN 24/7

DEMAND SOMETHING FOR YOU , For your block, for your town! check for ideas thefrontline, and Mumia sites below!

bringmumiahome.com https://youtu.be/-poMsrTBlhQ Gwen told us about.

thefrontline.org (that Ellen told us about) https://www.mobilize.us/thefrontline/event/293805/

We co create a shared, caring economy and world!

Hey, a shout out to all in between like other southern, northwestern, southwest, Maryland, Tennessee, NJ, NY (maybe Conneticut) and boogie down Brooklyn and the Bronx places/spaces! All in STOLEN Turtle Island/ usa.

It s sometimes NEW to actually talk aloud on ZOOM.

OLD SCHOOL ACTIVISM allowed folk to speak OUT and speak up. We had of course powerful dramatist Tantra Zawadi, who has enacted Pam (character in Lupe’s novel ) based on Pat the real Pat who some of us knew and were inspired by. Pat’s daughter said later after hearing Pat’s voice in our RADIO INTERVIEW segment, YES, I grew up with my mother (Pat) learning I had the POWER TO CHANGE THINGS. And so it’s in my bones, it’s instilled in me. I have done things because I knew I had that Power (within).

PS Lupe here, reminding us to share hope as the daughter of Pat, Robin does. Robin Robinson is an organizer of a UNION at her workplace !!!!!!!

Below one of attendees videos. (Shy brother in the MOVEMENT world!)

Parcon Resilience is a growing anti-racist, interdisciplinary POC majority collective. https://www.parconhub.comhttps://player.vimeo.com/video/498222155?dnt=1&app_id=122963


(Copy and paste blackink , above into YOUR bookmarks, or in the next tab you open to see it later on.

Don’t have to only see book Lessons from the DAMNED , Class Struggle in the Black COmmunity,

here on Pat’s website. See it through your own tab, when you leave this PMRBIO.wordpress.com site.

/FYI Cheryl , after TEACH IN stayed on giving tech, organizing support. Cheryl H. known from the BLACK and Indigenous, People of Color, Great Radical Read, from LibLife.net gave lessons on web/zoom questions! SMILE 🙂 Hire her too one day after donating to the Pat ARCHIVES . /See instagram for Pat. !!


FROM 1 of our SPEAKERS Beth Roy. See above for her groups that undo crapitalism inside us. YES GROUP RADICAL THERAPY Lot cheaper than the almost rich insurance covered folk, who say to clients, lets only focus on you, with complete DISINTEREST in the conditions you live under.! WELL YOU IS INSIDE A CONTEXT, A SPACE, An OPRRESSION! or A REVOLT!

see more as to how to SUPPORT our volunteer professional artist/ teaching artist Dramatis who played Pam character based on Pat robinson (from Lupe’s Novel of political activists: To Face It.)


Pat! a BLACK Revolutionary Molecule Screening

Tantra and Lupe in photos. Invite our ARTIST Tantra to do readings from PAT/as PAM one day!

LEAVE COMMENTS anywhere on this post. MAKE REPLIES. INTERACT that is organizing.

Pat used served , and drank herbal teas, often from her OWN garden and used Natural remedies when her son was ill that were from ancient systems of HEALTH. Traditional Chinese Medicine, etc.

See in video that CUBA does wondrous Healing internationally and in the home nation. They use alternative homeopathic rememdies also. Here is website for socialist homeopath who shares how to use natural remedies, and stay free of the Corona Virus.


HOW A SOCIALIST HEALTH CARE SYSTEM CAN GO WORLDWIDE AND HELP…vs a crapitalist usa-style system that CLOSES HOSPITALS during a pandemic,because the only reason to stay open is to MAKE A PROFIT!


afrocubaweb.com MORE ON AFRO CUBANS at this site!

AND THE TRAILER OF LUPE”S 60 MINUTE (2 half hour shorts) FILM

Pat! A Revolutionary Black Molecule…..


TRANSCRIPT of the TRAILER / some few errors

See you tube for the visuals and audios. SUBSCRIBE AND MAKE COMMENTS DEAR ONES PLEASE. YOU ARE INVITED!!!

Here is what PAT SPOKE!

Narrator and other students, mentees, folk who knew and organized with Pat in italics!

PAT is in bold.

PAT you really have to understand the society and you really have to think it through and look at it fully

Education is now stupidity which is why Nobody wants to go to school because it’s totally antithetical to real life! mmm

Pat do we want/ do I want to own myself ???

in honor ofPat Pat she was one of the radical womenin the political arena who changed thecomplexion of black and latina politicalculture and black radicalism byexpanding boundaries

SHe taught me about energy

She helped she saved our lives

The most important thing for Robin (daughter) was to know she had the power.

she knew family’s economic base

the technology

the future it can be done right

study history …the human being

that’s thekind of spiritual power there’s no way you can DEFEAT

there’s no way any[ _mf_ ] is going to take me off

we can

if I decide

and I’m not important !

I’mjust one small Molecule , ….

a blackrevolutionary molecule !!!!

youEnglish (auto-generated)


https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaSmrj3eg_Mlew9X50w6N5g/discussion PLEASE POST a comment here and there at the link to reply! GET THIS WOMAN EXPLORED to raise minds into the ORGANIZING model. We can stop it. (STOP FALSE CONSCIOUSNESS)


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