One thought on “UPDATED Winter Teach in . Pat Is Back! (EST 8pm ) Feb 11 2021 THUR.

  1. LupeFamily GO to writer1865blog on wordpress or FB AGua TofaceIT says:

    February (winter TEACH IN on 2/11/21)
    What a great vision of ORGANIZING and support for a new way, as an alterntive to CRAPITALISM as so many shared at this WINTER teach in. Folk from Vermont to Florida attended. Hey Georgia Maryland, Tennessee, NJ, NY (maybe Conneticut) and boogie down Brooklyn and the Bronx!
    It s sometimes NEW to actually talk on ZOOM. OLD SCHOOL ACTIVISM allowed folk to speak OUT and speak up. We had of course Tantra Zawadi, who has enacted Pam (character in Lupe’s novel ) based on Pat the real Pat who some of us knew and were inspired by. Pat’s daughter said later after hearing Pat’s voice in our RADIO INTERVIEW segment, YES, I grew up with my mother (Pat) learning I had the POWER TO CHANGE THINGS. And so it’s in my bones, it’s instilled in me. I have done things because I knew I had that Power (within).
    PS Lupe here, reminding us to share hope as the daughter of Pat, Robin does. Robin Robinson is an organizer of a UNION at her workplace !!!!!!!


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