A Simple Obituary

28 May 2015 — Patricia Murphy-Robinson

A Simple obituary for an activist

Pat Robinson, age 86 died at home in Jacksonville, Florida on April 11, 2013. The cause was liver disease.

Pat and her extraordinary courage will always be with us in spirit—on the job, at libraries, at rallies, in the jail cells, in therapeutic communities and wherever oppressed people are fighting for change, for revolution, to bring this racist imperialist system down.

Born in August 1926 in Maryland she lived in Maryland, New York, Wellesley and California.

She is survived by her daughter, Robin Robinson-Kirkpatrick, a son who lives in Turkey, Kim Robinson, and grandchildren who live both in the US and outside of this country.

Pat helped reorient many activists to be clear in their struggles for free, loving communities without the oppressions of family , state or corporations under imperialism and capitalism. She also helped woman of color and supporters to challenge the status quo in the black liberation and women’s movements from the time she began practicing revolution during the last century.

She was one of the radical women in the political arena who changed the complexion of black and Latino/a political culture and black radicalism by expanding boundaries.

Of course her colleagues and fellow writers of Lessons From the Damned : Class Struggle in the Black Community, 2nd edition 1991 (published and in used copy form now from Times Change Press out of Ojai, California ). Two anthologies, Words of Fire, Guy Sheftal editor, and Want to Start A Revolution edited by Dayo F. Gore (Editor), Jeanne Theoharis (Editor), Komozi Woodard (Editor) will miss her spirit , clarity and fire. She had many clients and co- revolutionaries who also will be sure to attend the Remembrance of Her Life in her home in Jacksonville, Florida on High Plains Road South 32218 on the LAST Saturday in June 2013.

Contact her daughter if you wish to support setting up Pat’s home in Jacksonville Florida as a place to view the books she read and the images that supported her consciousness.


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