READ at Pat’s Ceremony of Transition by her daughter 2013 FROM National Women’s Liberation!

May 28 2015 — PMR

(Lupe has this reading on video tape.   Comment on her comment to see a copy) .

Pat Murphy Robinson

For the Jacksonville Memorial Gathering for Patricia Murphy- Robinson, June 29, 2013
From Andrea Costello, for National Women’s Liberation and Allison Guttu, for the Women of Color Caucus of National Women’s Liberation
To the Robinson Family, Friends, and Comrades, and to Patricia who will never die in the struggle for freedom,

How did you affect our lives, Patricia? You shared with women, and all people who want a change to come, the radical feminist theory of the group you organized, the group called Poor Black Women.

Especially you taught about women’s exploited reproductive labor. Woman, you explained, “gives… the surplus product of her body, the child, to use and exploit.” “Control of the surplus whether it be of children (labor), food, goods leads to special privilege and prestige for the elite of a society.”

You inspired internationalism with your meetings and letters with “North Vietnamese Sisters,” as you addressed them, while our government waged a terrible war against North Vietnam.

You strengthened our spine calling out the “men who want to keep us barefoot, pregnant and ignorant of male supremacy.” You led us in breaking the chains of silence and “smashing the myths supporting white supremacy and male supremacy,” as you identified them.

Patricia Robinson truth teller! Patricia Robinson courage giver! Passionate analysis and theory maker! Revolutionary homework doer, organizer, leader on all fronts who, as you said, “put women’s rights ….up front in the fight for a more just society.”

Oh Patricia we need you and we need you now. We, the “damned” as you have called us, we who “with millions of other exploited peoples…search beneath the social ‘truths’ handed us … by the appropriators” as you have told of it.

We need your deep explanations of what is to be done to turn our messed up world right side up.

We mourn your death– even as we reach to pick up your share of the freedom banner and we promise you we’ll hold it high with all our strength.


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